willow58 (willow58) wrote,

My disappoint in TV/Movies

After watching Torchwood-Children of Earth I've been looking for a place to vent. Then I remembered I have this forum that I have forgotten about. So here I am to scream into the black void.

I'm weary of becoming emotional involved with characters, whether TV or movies and having them killed or destroyed beyond recognition. I've loved a variety of shows - The Visitor, Firefly to name a couple and seen them canceled due to low ratings. Now comes the new excuse, the cost too much. My two faves now, Primeval and Torchwood are being canceled because they are quality TV, not cheap quantity like all the reality shows. Then to make matters worse, Torchwood kills Ianto Jones. Wasn't it enough that they had already killed 2 main characters at the end of Season 2? So that makes me not care if they do change their mind and decide to renew it.

Then movies. The first 2 Harry Potter movies were fantastic but after that they have gone down hill. HP 6 is the worse. I kept looking at my watch and wondering when it was going to be over. Then when it was I was saying what the hell was that? Did they glance at the book before they wrote the script? Did JK have any say so? I'm not going to bother with the last two movies.

I read in a book a line about why people get angry over unimportant things or things they cannot control. So I got to thinking, why I am allowing myself to get mad and angry over things I cannot control? I cannot stop writers from killing off characters unnecessarily or making movies from books that make no sense. (I'm gonna throw Serenity in here as I hated that movie, nothing hardly to do with Firefly just River the Reaver Slayer). So I'll look on the bright side.

Less TV gives me more time to write. Something I've been neglecting. So I'll write things I enjoy and hopefully others will too.

I think I need to write some fanfiction....

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